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For global incumbents, Big Tech platforms and blockchain disruptors alike, the future’s up for grabs in the media and entertainment space. Radical change is well underway, and in this thought piece our practitioners and partners share their perspectives on this.

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‘For viewers and creators, this is a golden age of storytelling’

Liam Hamill, Global Principal


‘Tech’s giving women a voice in music and it’s long overdue’

Paddy Loughman, Strategy Director


‘Now it’s filtered into the mainstream, gaming’s set to drive the zeitgeist’

Vivian Yang, Designer

Pierre Jouen, WW QC Director at Ubisoft


‘Cracking Ambient’s the next big challenge for creaking businesses’

Andy Dobson, Technical Director


‘Blockchain’s accelerating the anarchic direction of travel’

Ela Berksoy, Strategist


‘Overhaul discovery and content wars become obsolete’

Ashley Hall, Strategist

Marilyn Markman,Strategy Director

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More equal opportunities across the industry

Tools that help me find content I like quicker

More experiments using new technologies

Financial reward directly to creators

More ‘gamification’ in everyday life

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